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Lauren Bonner  brings over a decade of experience as a high school administrator in both the public and private setting. She serves as co-chair of the Crisis Response Network of the North Shore and is one of the founding members of the North Shore Coalition for Drug-Free Communities and the Adolescent Health Summit, a conference for professionals who work with youth that focuses on the most emergent and pressing topics each year. Dedicated to increasing school safety and emergency preparedness, Ms. Bonner works collaboratively with all stakeholders to improve outcomes and prepare for all scenarios. At the heart of her work is the belief that each of us plays a role in the safety of our workplaces.
Tony DeMonte  is a district level administrator in a public elementary school district with over 20 years in the field of public education. He has worked as a classroom teacher, a building level administrator and a district level administrator involved in the areas of technology, data, and safety. Mr. DeMonte brings a practical perspective to safety and security procedures with knowledge on how to implement them with younger children and families.
Raimond Pavely  is a 19-year veteran police officer. He is currently the School Resource Officer (SRO) at his department. SRO Pavely began his assignment with very little formal training in the position’s duties and responsibilities. Since his appointment as SRO, Ofc. Pavely has stewarded a dramatic, proactive, and quantifiable change in improving the school district’s safety and security.

SRO Pavely is responsible for 13 schools, K-12, including public and private. He oversees and consults on all safety and security concerns for each school. Also, he conducts all the Active Threat training and drills for the staff at each school. The security site assessments SRO Pavely has undertaken during his time in the position have resulted in his community’s largest school district spending approximately $400,000 in security improvements based on his recommendations. SRO Pavely also sits on the school districts’ Crisis Planning committees under his jurisdiction and is instrumental in assisting with threat assessments.

SRO Pavely’s responsibilities are broad and extend to performing internet and child safety presentations, drug and alcohol awareness classes, and bike safety training each year. He is responsible for investigating all crimes, threats, social conflicts, bullying, and incidents related to juveniles in the community. He is a trusted and highly respected member of the school community Civics and Safety committee. SRO Pavely has been an invaluable and integral force in the vital relationship between the Police Department and the schools, children, parents, and other community stakeholders. SRO Pavely received the 2019 Officer of the Year award for his tireless efforts in making the community and its school campuses a safe and secure place for everyone.

Raimond is an instructor at his department and provides instruction in Active Assailant training, Tactical Medicine, Workplace Violence, Stop the Bleed, and Firearms. In 2014, he received his certification as a Security Assessment Specialist from the American Crime Prevention Institute. He has also received training in the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design). Raimond is committed to teaching and training others on the principles of establishing safety and awareness in public and private places.
Valerie Davis  is a 19-year veteran police officer. In the fall of 2021, she will assume the responsibilities of School Resource Officer at her department. Committed to addressing the need to educate schools, businesses, and the community at large about Best Practices regarding safety and security, she, along with her three partners, established Comprehensive Security Consulting, LLC in 2021.

Valerie is an instructor at her department and provides instruction in Tactical Medicine, Active Assailant training, and Firearms. She is a certified ALERRT CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events) and Stop The Bleed instructor. In 2014, Valerie completed the American Crime Prevention Institute’s Certified Security Assessment Specialist course. She also received training in the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design).

Effective safety, especially in the public sphere, can not be implemented with a “one and done” approach. Valerie believes in instituting a comprehensive process where everyone receives education and training to contribute and fit into the safety and security matrix. She is determined to focus on the importance of layering the smallest measures of best practices, attention to the norm, and situational awareness of the individual to build a solid foundation that supports a safe environment.
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